Destiny in a Blue Dress

Jun. 23 - One of the things I'd been looking forward to since moving to Denmark in March of 2003 is Midsommer Nat ("Midsummer's Night"), also known as Sankt Hans Aften ("Saint John's Eve"). That's the longest day of the year, which the Danes have celebrated since time immemorial with ritual fires and copious drinking. This year, it happens to be tonight.

I'm not sure when the sun goes down tonight, but I'll tell you when it rose this morning: early. A guest who'd been staying with us since Tuesday had to leave the apartment at four in the morning to make an early flight. I woke up not long after she left and it was already daylight. It had still been light out when we all retired at ten. So if I were a pure empiricist I'd have to say the sun simply hasn't been setting at all. (I'm not a pure empiricist, obviously, or I'd never play poker.)

I'm no longer affected by the insomnia that struck me my first year here. My daughter's circadian rhythms seem to be unaffected. If anything she's sleeping longer than ever. (She's also taken her first tottering steps, and has taken to using her walk-wagons as scooters, but I'm holding onto that discussion for another time.)

Once again we're going to try to catch the burning of the witches at Frederiksberg Garden tonight. You may recall I was very excited about the event in 2003. You may also recall that it ended in disappointment. We were also excited about it last year, but were horribly distracted.

Hope springs eternal.

This year the plan is to have dinner with Trine's mother and stepfather at their place, put Molli to bed in her stroller, and make our way to the garden with Molli dozing happily in tow. We're not sure Molli will allow this, but she's proved resilient on previous outings. The weather forecasts are good (we've had more summer weather in the past ten days than we had all last summer), and there's no reason to expect we won't finally be able to enjoy the spectacle of a burning witch.

Which is precisely why I'm almost certain we won't. We are Charlie Brown, the burning of the witches is the football, and Destiny is a bob-haired, blue-dressed girl named Lucy Van Pelt.

The headline of the first Almanac or blog entry after tonight will probably be "Aaugh!"

I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, since I won't have time to post tomorrow, enjoy the weekend!

2005, The Moron's Almanac™

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