Seasonal Epidemic

Oct. 11 - In addition to Friday's appearance in the NY Times, Molli showed up in Saturday's International Herald Tribune and Sunday's Chicago Tribune. (The same article, obviously, just being distributed among the various properties of the same empire.) A friend informed us that the Times showed the article as its ninth-most emailed story on Friday, but I checked it myself later that day and saw it had moved to number six.

From what I've seen in the past, we can now expect the Danish media to write stories about Denmark having been covered in the NY Times. So "Molli Malou" will have saturated the media on both sides of the Atlantic, and Molli-with-an-I (Molli-med-I) will at last have forced itself into the mainstream.

Or maybe not. You have to be careful what you wish for. My own sister, her curiosity kindled by all of Molli's publicity, Googled the names of her two adorable daughters, my magnificent nieces. Results? An Australian porn star and a Dixieland ballad about a woman murderer.

One of my friends in Chicago asked the most logical of all questions when he saw the article: "What would they do," he asked, "if you tried to name a son Hamlet?"

I checked the list of approved names, and Hamlet's not on it.

(But Ophelia is okay for girls.)

* * *

Nothing on the Danish sucking sound today. Maybe tomorrow. I'm way behind on my real life stuff and need to get a few things accomplished this week. (Including catching up on my email, which I've been really bad about lately. Sorry!)

* * *

But wait... I need to wallow briefly. The New England Patriots won their 19th consecutive victory yesterday. That's an NFL record, and frankly it's about the last NFL record I ever would have believed the Patriots could break. (They play the Seahawks next week, which ought to be a hell of a game.)

In the same weekend, the Red Sox won their divisional series and have advanced to the ALCS, more liltingly referred to as "the pennant," where they will, inevitably, face the lousy goddam Bronx bombers.

It's deja vu all over again for Red Sox fans—although I suppose the true Red Sox fan, the quintessential Red Sox fan, has some kind of genetic brain disorder. Yes, it's time again for the seasonal epidemic of optimism in New England, and I don't dare expose myself to the virus this year. Not after last year. Not after the last couple of years.

Hell, not after the last 86 years.

* * *

On October 11, 1899, the Bores of South Africa declared war on Great Britain in the hopes of generating Interest. (The war should not be confused with the Boar War, which had been cancelled on account of tusks.)

On October 11, 1976, the Gang of Four were arrested in Peking.

Today is the birthday of Steve Young (1961), Elmore Leonard (1925), Jerome Robbins (1918), Eleanor Roosevelt (1884), and Henry John Heinz (1844).

Canadians foolishly celebrate Thanksgiving today, over a month before the holiday actually occurs.

It's also Revolution Day in Panama and Flag Day in Uzbekistan. (I was going to provide a link to the flag of Uzbekistan, but that would be too easy. Show some initiative, dammit.)

Happy Monday!

2004, The Moron's Almanac™

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