Sept. 21 - I just got back from dropping my parents off at Nørreport Station, where I loaded them onto what was hopefully a train to the airport. From the airport—should they reach it—they'll be flying first to Rejkavik then to Boston.

Trine's working on her own computer across the room, and from time to time we catch one another eyeing the phone nervously. A phone call from farmor and farfar, lost and bewildered in Sweden, is a distinct possibility.

My mother was here for 12 days, my father for 6. Or something like that—it's hard to calculate in retrospect. I had just reached the point where I was getting used to them hanging around, my father roaming the apartment in search of construction projects and my mother pathologically active in the kitchen, and now they're gone.

They adored Molli, and she seemed to take nicely to them. Now they're gone and we don't know when we'll see them again. That's sad. But I don't have time to be sad at the moment, because their visit has set me so far behind on work that I actually skipped Studieskolen today just to get caught up.

So there's no way to justifiy the time I'm spending on this. Maybe tomorrow, the first day of fall—unless that was today, or even yesterday. I'll have to look into that. (It's been fall here in Denmark for the last two months, so it's purely academic as far as I'm concerned.)

So I've got to get to work.

Today's birthdays include Ricki Lake (1968), Rob Morrow (1962), Bill Murray (1950), Stephen King (1947), Larry Hagman (1931), and H.G. Wells (1866).

It's Independence Day in Armenia and Belize and "International Day of Peace" at the United Nations.

Happy Tuesday!

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