Released from Captivity

July. 30 - I haven't been blogging or almanacking for the last week because I was so riveted by the Democratic Convention that—no, wait, that wasn't me. . . I haven't been writing because we've been schlepping ourselves and Molli back and forth between our home and the hospital. We'd spend our days at the apartment and our nights at the hospital. Last night in our little hospital room Molli only woke us twice for meals. (Well, she woke Trine for meals—she woke me by proxy.) This morning she weighed 2820 grams, or about 6.2 pounds. She sleeps soundly, eats heartily, and can fill a diaper like nobody's business. She's thriving with a capital thri.

Which is especially important today, because they kicked all three of our asses out of the hospital this morning.

Molli's home!

2004, The Moron's Almanac™

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