Special Advisory
Don't Panic

Jun. 24 - As many of you have probably noticed, and as a fair number of you have taken the time to point out, I haven't blogged or Almanacked since Saturday, June 19. Some of you have expressed concern about the pregnancy. Your concerns, alas, have not been misplaced.

Don't Panic

The Bean is still comfortably established in her mother's womb, she's over four pounds, and every indication we have suggests she's strong, nimble, and restless. The DMG herself is doing well.

Without getting into excessive detail, I'll just say that the concerns focus on the placenta. The situation is being monitored closely so that, in the event of any significant threat to the placenta's stability, the Bean can be extracted at once. It's possible the DMG will carry the Bean right up to Week 40. It's also possible the situation will require a c-section at any given moment.

It's sort of like walking a tightrope: the net's below us and we trust it, but we'd really, really like to make it to the other side anyway.

* * *

In this state of constant anxiety, there's no question of my having the wherewithal to maintain the Almanac or the blog. Even if my state of mind allowed it, my state of time would not: between trips to the hospital, work, school, finalizing my new book, and total responsibility for taking care of all those baby-related things we had planned on taking care of together in the weeks ahead, there just isn't time.

I may post something from time to time, if only to help me establish a sense of normalcy, but for the time being I'm afraid regular daily updates are off. (And my correspondence is going to be backed up for a while.)

I'll be posting a copy of this message on Moron Abroad in case there's anyone who visits there but not here.

2004, The Moron's Almanac™

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