Thor's Day

May 27 - Funny it should be Thursday. The English name of this day comes from "Thor's Day"—in Danish, it's Torsdag, which literally does mean "Thor's Day."

And here I've just finished a little book about Thor!

Did you know Thor's hammer had a name? I didn't. He called his hammer Mjølner. Whenever he threw it, it came flying back to him. That's the kind of important thing I'm learning.

Also that the gods (one gud, two guder) were called aser (one as, two aser). They lived in Asgård, which can sort of be translated as "God Yard" once you accept that a gud is an as, which isn't too hard if your religious convictions are anything like mine. (I recall that Churchill once observed, quoting Disraeli, I think, that, "all sensible men have the same religion." When asked what that was, he answered, "sensible men don't tell." Here's one area, at least, in which sensible men and morons find agreement.)

All of this is a lovely way of providing content on yet another day without time. I'll get a little more into the whole norse god thing on Moron Abroad later today, maybe—the site badly needs an update and I can knock that off after school. (I hardly sound like I'm pushing forty when I talk like that, do I?)

Today is the birthday of Henry Kissinger (1923), Hubert Humphrey (1911), Vincent Price (1911), Dashiell Hammett (1894), Isadora Duncan (1878), and Wild Bill Hickock (1837).

It's Heroes' Day in Uganda.

Happy Thursday!

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