Pride of Accomplishment

May 3 - I never got around to writing about "casual Friday" at Studieskolen on Moron Abroad, and I don't see much point in getting into it here: I brought in a couple of copies of my book and talked a little bit about it. Japan brought a photo album from his brother's wedding in Kobe. America (male) brought champagne and home-made chocolates. That was that.

Friday evening we went to the release party for Hitman: Contracts. It was a very cool party. I made a serious but not irrecoverable ass out of myself, which is about par for the course these days. (I just this moment did a Google search for reviews of the game: the first one I found praised the dialog, which satisfied my insatiable appetite for approval—and job security—and was therefore also the last one I looked at.)

I worked my way through my hangover on Saturday, with sporadic breaks in front of the television to watch the EU celebrate their enlargement. The DMG wasn't feeling any better than I was, though for altogether different reasons, so we didn't even bother coming up with a passable rationalization for missing our second consecutive Danish May Day celebration. We left the house only once, for a brief farewell to some friends flying back to the states.

I worked like mad on Sunday, as well, and knocked off a lot of important household chores I'd been postponing. We had a lovely dinner with the in-laws, and Bean's mormor got to feel her wriggling and kicking for the first time.

Despite these various goings-on, the only thing I really want to talk about is "Trolden Aksel og hans pige Kamille," a 500-word Danish language story whose only redeeming virtue is that is was written entirely by me, entirely in Danish. Here's a sample:

Aksel stjæler mange ting. Han er ikke ond, men det er svært at finde et job hvis du er en trold. Mennesker kan ikke lide trolde—de er bange for dem.

Aksel bor på Frederiksberg. Han har et lille hus på Finsensvej, men mennesker kan ikke se huset. Det er kun trolde og små piger, der kan se troldenes huse.

Aksel har haft Kamille i tre måneder. De er blevet meget gode venner. Kamille kan godt lide at bo hos Aksel. Hendes forældre var ikke så venlige som Aksel. De fortalte hende: lav dit hjemmearbejde!, spis din spinat!, skynd dig til skole!, gør dit værelse rent! Det var ikke så sjovt.

Kamille synes, at hun har det bedre hos Aksel. Han stjæler ting til hende-somme tider slik eller legetøj. De to leger, ler, sanger, danser, og de har aldrig hjemmearbejde.

I won't bother translating it, because frankly it's drivel. But it's my drivel, and it's Danish drivel, and I'm so damned proud I could—well, I could sit here and bore you to tears with it all day.

Instead I'm going to print another copy, sit back, read it, and feel good about myself.

[Danskere: du må ikke fortælle mig, at jeg har skrevet lort. Det ved jeg godt. Men det er min lort (eller mit lort?), og jeg er meget stolt.]

Dagens Ord

The word of the day is stolthed, which means pride. For what it's worth, ubegrundet is Danish for "unfounded."

History, Birthdays, Holidays

On May 3, 1494, Columbus first sighted the island of Jamaica. He and his crew remained on the island for some time, no doubt attracted by the tropical drinks, lush golf courses, exciting night life, and parasailing, but in the end were driven away by the high prices.

May 3 is Niccolo dei Machiavelli's birthday (1469). It's also the birthday of noted vocalists Frankie Valli (1937), James Brown (1928), Pete Seeger (1919), Bing Crosby (1903), and Golda Meir (1898).

May 3 is Constitution Day in both Japan and Poland, and it's Labor Day in Ukraine.

Happy Monday!

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