Apr. 28 - There's nothing new in today's Almanac: it's mostly a reprise of last year's April 28 edition. That's because I don't have time for a full Almanac today. Check in on the Moron Abroad blog later today and maybe there'll be something.

* * *

It's got to be a bummer of a birthday for Saddam Hussein, whose exact age is a matter of some dispute. Maybe he'll get a few candles in his gruel and one of those hilarious birthday cards full of double-entendres.

It's safe to assume that the day will be a little more upbeat for Jay Leno (1950), who shares the day with Ann-Margret (1941) and James Monroe (1758).

It's Flag Day in the Åland Islands, an "autonomous, demilitarized, and unilingually Swedish province of Finland."

Happy Hump Day!

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