Feb. 24 - It's cold again today, and snowing very lightly. It snowed Sunday night, too, so we awoke to a light dusting yesterday. Snow flurries are predicted all week. I doubt there'll be much accumulation, but still... isn't that always the way? There's always that one happy week in February where you tell yourself spring is just around the corner, where you notice the first few buds of spring poking through the thawing earth, and just when you're beginning to put the cold and gloom of winter behind you—reality check.

On our walk Sunday the DMG pointed out some little white blossoms in someone's garden.

"They're call spring-teasers," she explained. (She told me the Danish, but I've already forgotten it.) "They come up toward the end of winter and they cheer you up. You start to think it's almost spring. But it's not. They're a winter flower. They're just teasing you."

Consider me teased.

* * *

It's good writing weather, though, so I'm going to do some work on some actual writing projects today. See you on the blog.

* * *

Eighty-three years ago today, the spokesman of a radical political group in Germany announced that it would change its name to the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

The group had previously been called the South Munich Crips.

The party spokesman who had announced the change was of course Adolf Hitler, who did not change his name and is therefore known to history as Adolf Hitler.

This name change resulted in Evil Nazi Bastards, who seized control of Germany and teamed up with the Evil Fascist Bastards of Italy to become a Significant Problem.

They did not kill quite as many people as the Evil Communist Bastards of the Soviet Union, however, and were therefore unable to scare posterity into producing apologists.

* * *

On February 24, 1582, Pope Gregory XIII issued a proclamation that made everyone change their calendars from the Julian calendar to his own new and improved "Gregorian" calendar. (Obviously he was in cahoots with the calendar printing people, or he would have waited until November or December.) This shameless act of self-promotion led to subsequent Vatican proclamations being called "Papal Bull."

Steven Jobs turns 48 today. He shares his birthday with Abe Vigoda (1921) and Enrico Caruso (1873).

It's Independence Day in Estonia and Flag Day in Mexico.

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