Busy Monday

Feb. 16 - I made it a full day without any coffee or cigarettes. I'd like to award myself a medal. In fact, I'm going to. Forgive the abbreviated bloggish while I go medal shopping.

(If you didn't bother checking in over the weekend, you may have missed something. I'm writing on Saturdays and Sundays now.)

* * *

It seems like asking why the sky is blue, but Edward Feser keeps it interesting as he tries to understand why universities are dominated by the left.

* * *

The Moron's Index
Bean Counter: 13 weeks + 3 days
Days as a Non-Smoker: 2
Suppressed Impulses to Strangle Strangers: 14

Dagens Ord (The Word of the Day)
Lękker. Delicious.

Today is the birthday of John McEnroe (1959), Ice-T (1958), LeVar Burton (1957), Sonny Bono (1935), Hugh Beaumont (1909), and Edgar Bergen (1903).

It's Independence Day in Lithuania and Flag Day in Turkmenistan.

Happy Monday!

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