Technical Difficulties

Nov. 11 - The computer perked up for the weekend and through most of Monday, but late Monday it began issuing such a series of shudders and groans and grindings that the best I could do for it—in light of my half-decade experience as an IT geek—was to whack the cabinet until it got quiet.

That's called a short-term solution.

The long term solution—a brand new computer—arrives Wednesday.

Presumably it'll take me a couple of days to make the transition to the new computer—that is, to install all my old software, configure the network and email, throw the old computer into the North Sea, etc.

As if that's not bad enough, I've got plenty of work on my plate and I'm fighting some kind of weird stomach flu that's been with me for 5 days already. Publication of the Bloganac (or Almablog) will therefore have to be suspended until I'm back on my feet—literally, metaphorically, and otherwise.

Email responses are also going to be slow during this period—I'm really kind of a basket case. I mean, even more than normally. Sorry.

I'm thinking I should be back in my regular routine by next Monday, November 17.

I'm getting a sense that most of my readers these days are logging in for blog stuff, but if you're really jonesing for Almanac stuff you can go to the archives (link below) and click on the corresponding dates from 2002 to get your fix of history, mendacity, birthdays, and holidays.

Enjoy the week!

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