Oct. 29 - I already had today's blog in the bag. It was a long rambling thing about a translation I'd been struggling with, but it wasn't topical and can therefore be put off, which is good, because it's going to be put off. (But I'm going to leave the lead photo on my homepage because there's no point in changing it.)

After I'd finished the blog and felt all good about myself for having finished it in advance, I got a call from Jacob, the Danish military guy we'd met at the football bar and who had subsequently given us a private tour of Frederiksberg Castle a couple of weeks ago. We had a nice talk and I'm looking forward to meeting him and his wife Charlotte for drinks or brunch or something one of these days. But that wasn't the pre-emptive thing. If I had to pre-empt my blogs every time the goddam phone rang, I wouldn't have a blog—I'd have a phone log. (Which will probably be the next big thing anyway.)

Jacob said he'd been enjoying my blogs but he couldn't help offering a few corrections to my reporting of the tour he'd given us.

Well, when a special forces dude who teaches at a military college says he has some corrections for you, you take them!

He was so light about it I figured it was no biggie—maybe I'd gotten a date wrong, or said Frederik IX when I meant Frederik XI or something. Who can tell all those Frederiks apart?


No, I seem to have gotten most of my history right. My problem was the present. Jacob isn't a special forces dude, he's a pilot. And he doesn't teach at the military college, he studies there. And now that I think of it, he's probably not even Jacob. I bet he's Jakob. (I should have stuck with calling him J.)

And the reason I couldn't access his friend Paul's website was that I'd been typing in the wrong address. It's right here.

Go there, enjoy it, and be jealous. (Unless you're also currently circumnavigating the world at your leisure, in which case maybe it's time you got away from the damn computer.)

I'll be back tomorrow.

(Are you a dog person or a cat person? Find out here.)

Happy Wednesday!

2003, The Moron's Almanac™

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