Oct. 1 - Today is the first day of October. October is the tenth month of the year and its name is therefore derived from octo, the Latin word for eight. October is often preceded by September and followed by November.

There are 31 days in October, many of which are Wednesdays. (Wednesday is the fourth day of the week and its name is therefore derived from wednes, the Latin word for hump.)

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Car Care Month, National Helmet Safety Month, National Energy Awareness Month, National Stamp Collecting Month, National Roller Skating Month, and National Rodent Prevention Month. It also International Dinosaur Month.

As a result of U.N. resolutions passed last year, October is no longer National Soiled Linens Month (September) or International Smegma Appreciation Month (February).

There are thirty shopping days left until Halloween.

Those born on this first day of October include Mark McGwire (1963), Randy Quaid (1950), Rod Carew (1945), Julie Andrews (1935), Richard Harris (1932), George Peppard (1928), Tom Bosley (1927), Jimmy Carter (1924), Walter Matthau (1920), and Vladimir Horowitz (1904).

Today is Founding of the Republic Day in China, Armed Forces Day in South Korea, and Independence Day in Cyprus, Nigeria, Palau, and Tuvalu.

Happy October!

2003, The Moron's Almanac™

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