Done Deal

Aug. 18 - The DMB and I got married as planned on August 9. (But she should never be addressed as "Mrs. Moron.") The marriage seems to be working out fine so far. We're optimistic.

The past two weeks—from my family's arrival on August 6 to the departure of our last guest on August 15—are so rich with bloggable material that I don't know where to begin. (Actually, I'd like to begin with the surprise bachelor party sprung on me on August 5, but my memories of that night are mercifully dim.) It's a problem I face not only on these electric pages but also in real life, where everything from my inbox to my personal finances is also backed up. We did about fourteen loads of laundry over the weekend, though, so at least I've got clean clothes to wear during this period of rigorous procrastination.

Since today is my first day back in reality, I'm therefore going to cut myself some slack and put off until tomorrow what I'm too frantic to write about today.

I'll try to cover the wedding and all the surrounding hoopla in four installments over the course of the week. I'll almost certainly fail, but watching me crash and burn is standard fare for regular readers.

* * *

Today is the birthday of Christian Slater (1969), Patrick Swayze (1954), Martin Mull (1943), Robert Redford (1937), Roman Polanski (1933), Rosalynn Carter (1927), Shelley Winters (1922), and Virginia Dare (1587).

It's National Bad Poetry Day in the United States.

Happy Monday!

2003, The Moron's Almanac™

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