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Jun. 12 - The last couple of briefings have run a little long, so I'm going to keep it brief today to give you time to catch up before tomorrow's weekend briefing extravaganza.

The annual Superman Celebration begins today in Metropolis, Illinois, and runs through Saturday.

The headline event is the George Award and Auction Dinner, held on Saturday night and hosted by the Super Museum. The George Award is bestowed upon "the outstanding individual who has displayed selfless commitment to the promotion of Metropolis IL the 'Home of Superman' and of the annual Superman Celebration and its many worthwhile events." [Sic]

Scheduled highlights of this year's festival include appearances by Noel Neill ("Lois Lane"), Bob Holiday ("Superman"), Yvonne Craig ("Batgirl"), and Comic Book Artist Steve Rude.

It may sound a little strained, but before you dismiss the George Award and Auction Dinner, consider this enticing note about its dress code: "Dress is Optional!"

* * *

The Swiss Army Knife was patented on this date in 1897. It was the fruit of centuries of Swiss research, development, and testing. Its release was heralded as the dawn of a golden age of Swiss technology. Switzerland may not have won a war since, but they've never been caught without a corkscrew.

Dr. Jean-Baptiste Denys, the personal physician to Louis XIV, performed the first blood transfusion in history on this day in 1667. He performed the transfusion on a fifteen year old boy, using blood from a sheep. The experiment was considered a success, although it was clearly a disappointment if you were rooting for the sheep.

Former president George H.W. Bush is 78 today. Also celebrating birthdays are Marv Albert (1941), Jim Nabors (1932), and Anne Frank (1929).

It's Flag Day in New Zealand and Luxembourg, and Independence Day in the Philippines and Russia.

Wyatt Earp's Birthday is celebrated in Monmouth, Illinois, today, but Monmouth doesn't offer a clothing-optional awards ceremony and should therefore be ignored.

Happy Thursday!

2003, The Moron's Almanac™

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