The Moron's Weekend Briefing

Feb. 21 - Andy Warhol died on February 22, 1987. Mr. Warhol is best known for painting pictures of Campbell's Soup cans and Marilyn Monroe, although never together. His work can be seen in museums and galleries around the world to this very day.

Campbell's Soup cans can still be found in the canned goods section of your favorite supermarket to this very day.

On February 23, 1821, English poet John Keats died in Rome. Mr. Keats was Romantic and therefore wrote an Ode to a Nightingale, an Ode to Psyche, and even an Ode to a Grecian Urn. None of them would have him, so the poor man died alone.

On February 23, 1919, Benito Mussolini founded the Fasci del Comattimento ("Evil Fascist Bastards") party in Italy. He founded the party in the hopes of improving Italy's irregular train schedules. The Evil Fascist Bastards eventually succeeded in getting the trains to run on time, but their success was short-lived: allied forces entered the country in the 1940s and threw off their timetables for ever.

On February 23, 1836, the siege of the Alamo began. It was quite an adventure. For years afterward people would sigh, "Remember the Alamo?" And they'd kind of nod and smile, but eventually they forgot.

Jennifer Love Hewitt turns 24 on the 21st. She shares her birthday with Kelsey Grammer (1955), Tyne Daly (1946), Alan Rickman (1946), David Geffen (1943), Barbara Jordan (1936), Nina Simone (1933), Erma Bombeck (1927), Sam Peckinpah (1925), Andres Segovia (1893), and Charles Scribner (1821).

February 22 is the birthday of Drew Barrymore (1975), Dr. J (1950), Edward M. Kennedy (1932), John Mills (1908), Robert Young (1907), Luis Bunuel (1900), Edna St. Vincent Millay (1892), George Washington (1732), and, at some point, Cardinal Newman.

February 23 is the birthday of John Sandford (1944), Peter Fonda (1939), W.E.B. DuBois (1868), and George Frederic Handel (1685).

February 21 is King Harald's Birthday in Norway and Martyr's Day in Bangladesh.

February 23 is Republic Day in Guyana and Army and Navy Day in Russia.

2002, The Moron's Almanac™

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