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Dec. 19 - Today is Wednesday, December 19, and Trent Lott is still sorry.

On this date in 1562, the French Wars of Religion between the Huguenots and the Catholics began with the Battle of Dreux.

The Huguenots were the merry sailors that sailed as Jason's crew on the Hugo, and French Catholics persecuted them because they carried Golden Fleas. Earlier in 1562, the Duck of Guise had massacred a thousand praying Huguenots while passing through Vassy.

This was considered bad form, even from a Duck, and led to enemies. The "Wars of Religion" lasted for more than thirty years as the Huguenots and Catholics fought to determine for once and for all whose was The One True Faith.

Sadly, the Edict of Nantes granted religious tolerance in 1598 and the question was never settled to anyone's satisfaction. Readers may take solace in the fact that we stand on the brink of a bold new wave of religious wars which will either establish the One True Faith for once and for all or leave the earth in smoldering ruins.

Alyssa Milano turns 30 today. (I apologize for the lead photo, but who wants to see pictures of Huguenots?) She shares her birthday with Amy Locane (1971), Jessica Steen (1965), Jennifer Beals (1963), Daryl Hannah (1960), Robert Urich (1946), Richard Leakey (1944), Cicely Tyson (1933), David Susskind (1920), Edith Piaf (1915), Leonid Brezhnev (1906), Sir William Parry (1790), and Philip V of Spain (1683).

It's Separation Day in Anguilla, so don't get too attached to any Anguillans.

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