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Nov. 26 - We're getting close to Thanksgiving, and there'll be plenty of information about that in my annual Thanksgiving Briefing later this week. Today, however, is the anniversary of a date that has a lot to do with Thanksgiving.

As you know, the immigrant scum that settled this country discomfited the uncivilized savages that had lived here before them (having themselves discomfited still other savages). Landing on the east coast and gradually moving west, the wave of aliens pressed the wild savages further and further west until at last they reached the Pacific Ocean and there was nowhere left for them to go.

Or was there?

The Indians clearly continued their westward expansion, because it was just 53 years ago this very day that they finally declared their own sovereign democratic republic. Happy birthday, India!

(India should not be confused with the East Indies, which is a consortium of independent film companies on the Lower East Side and which in turn should not be confused with the Yeast Undies, a disgusting concept.)

Tina Turner turns 64 today. It's also the birthday of Robert Goulet (1933), Charles Schulz (1922), Eric Severeid (1912), and Norbert Weiner (1894).

It's Republic Day in Chad and Flag Day in Colombia.

2002, The Moron's Almanac™

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