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Nov. 14 - It was on this date in 1851 that Herman Melville's most famous novel was first published. Called Moby Dick, the tale is teeming with seamen, spermaceti, and rigid harpoons. Scholars continue to debate its symbolism.

On November 14, 1908, Albert Einstein presented his quantum theory of light for the first time while future Senator Joseph McCarthy was being born, although not in the same room.

McCarthy's communist witch-hunts of the mid-twentieth century live in infamy despite the fact that they failed to uncover a single communist witch.

Einstein's quantum theory remains popular because people like the word quantum. In fact, Einstein's seldom-cited Law of Quantum Usage states that there is an inversely proportionate relationship between one's understanding of quantum theory and one's likelihood of discussing it.

Prince Charles turns 54 today. The Prince of Wales and Senator McCarthy share their birthday with King Hussein of Jordan (1935), McLean Stevenson (1929), Brian Keith (1921), Veronica Lake (1919), Dick Powell (1904), Aaron Copland (1900), Jawaharlal Nehru (1889), Claude Monet (1840), Robert Fulton (1765), and King William III of England (1650).

Yet again, today is not a holiday.

2002, The Moron's Almanac™

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