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Nov. 13 - "The students are beyond control and their behavior is disgraceful. They come blustering into the lecture-rooms like a troop of maniacs and upset the orderly arrangements which the master has made in the interest of his pupils. Their recklessness is unbelievable and they often commit outrages which ought to be punishable by law, were it not that custom protects them."

Readers concerned about the pace of change in human affairs can find solace in knowing that these familiar sentiments were expressed roughly fifteen-hundred years ago by St. Augustine, who was born on this day in 354 AD.

Like many other theological luminaries, Augustine began life as a debauched young man who sought his pleasures in wine, women, and song. Eventually he became old and cranky and declared his youth wasted. The drunken orgies of his youth are recounted in his Confessions, which have at last been optioned by HBO and are expected to begin production later this year.

St. Augustine shares his birthday with Whoopi Goldberg (1949), Oskar Werner (1922), Eugene Ionesco (1912), Louis Brandeis (1856), Robert Louis Stevenson (1850), and King Edward III of England (1312).

It's not a holiday anywhere that I'm aware of, so get back to work.

2002, The Moron's Almanac™

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