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Nov. 6 - Ninety-one years ago today, Maine became a dry state. How a state with 3500 miles of shoreline could dry out in a single day is beyond me, but I can't always expect to understand the historical information I gather. It was probably just a really low tide. On this date in 1923, the price of a loaf of bread in Berlin was reported to be about 140 billion German marks. And yet when we think of fine baking, we tend to think only of France--clearly, we have done the Germans wrong.

It's Flag Day in Chad and in the Dominican Republic, Swedish Day in Finland, Green March Anniversary Day in Morocco, and Gustavus Adolphus Death Day in Sweden.

Ethan Hawke turns 32 today. He shares his birthday with Maria Shriver (1955), Glenn Frey (1948), Sally Field (1946), Mike Nichols (1931), Walter Perry Johnson (1887), James Naismith (1861), and John Philip Sousa (1854).

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