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Oct. 17 - It was on this date in 1933 that Albert Einstein moved from Hitler's Germany to the United States, a move that established his reputation for genius until it was revealed he intended to settle in New Jersey.

On this date in 1529, Henry VIII of England stripped Thomas Wolsey of his office for failing to secure a Papal annulment of his marriage. Henry was eventually compelled to excommunicate the entire Catholic Church, which caused the Church of England and sent divorce rates through the roof.

The Sixth Crusade ended on this date in 1244 after the Saracens ("Infidels") defeated the Franks ("Infidels") at Gaza.

Today's birthdays include Howard Rollins (1950), Margot Kidder (1948), George Wendt (1948), Evel Knievel (1938), Jimmy Breslin (1930), Montgomery Clift (1920), Rita Hayworth (1918), Arthur Miller (1915), Jean Arthur (1905), and Charles Kraft (1880).

The Moron's Almanac is not aware of any major holidays today, but remains open to suggestions.

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