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Oct. 15 - I haven't commented on many holidays lately, but when I discovered that today was St Teresa of Avila Day in Spain and Evacuation Day in Tunisia, I felt I had to know more.

It turns out that Evacuation Day recognizes the important contributions made to the world of science by Tunisian proctologists. The less said about the gastroenterological rituals performed on this holiday the better.

Saint Teresa of Avila is also known as the Roving Nun (but should not be confused with the Wandering Nun, the Meandering Nun, or the Hopelessly Disoriented Nun). She is the patron saint not only of Spain, but also bodily ills, headaches, laceworkers, opposition to Church Authorities, and people ridiculued for their piety.

She died in the arms of her close friend Anne of Saint Bartholomew, allegedly from Transverberation ("the crossing of verbs"). Her pierced heart is on display at Alba de Tormes, so if you're the kind of person that's interested in 400-year-old pierced human hearts you'll probably want to pay a visit.

"God," she famously prayed, "deliver me from sullen saints!" Friedrich Nietzsche, who was born on this day in 1844, apparently shared her sentiments if not her tactics.

It's also the birthday of Jim Palmer (1945), Penny Marshall (1942), Linda Lavin (1937), Lee Iacocca (1924), Mario Puzo (1920), Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. (1917), John Kenneth Galbraith (1908), P.G. Wodehouse (1881), and Virgil (70 BC).

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