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Oct. 9 - Not quite everyone is aware that in 1964, backed by a unanimous congress, President Johnson proclaimed October 9th "Leif Ericson Day." Many people don't even know who Leif Ericson was. (He was Leif Eriksson, and sometimes Leiv Eiriksson.)

The day after Leif Ericson Day in 1965, Yale University astonished the world with its Vinland Map, a 1440 transcription of a map believed to have been originally drawn by Ericson himself (or possibly Eriksson, but certainly not Eiriksson) around 1000 A.D., and which appeared to depict parts of Canada. Just a few years ago, more evidence supporting the authenticity of the map was revealed, lending further support to the conclusion that there were Vikings in North America five centuries before Columbus soiled his first diaper.

This is an exciting development, because it will almost certainly necessitate the development of Viking reservations and the establishment of Viking-run casinos.

Still more exciting are recent scientific findings that suggest caucasians may have existed in North America prior to being displaced by the so-called native-Americans who were later visited by Vikings prior to being utterly displaced by still more caucasians.

But this is also deeply troubling, because there was probably someone here before those original caucasians.

In the interests of fairness, The Moron's Almanac enthusiastically endorses the endowment of every American with their own casino.

On this date in 1776 a group of Spanish Missionaries settled what is today San Francisco. Their arrival displaced a small Native American population and therefore came to be known as the "missionary imposition."

Today is the birthday of Jackson Browne (1948), John Lennon (1940), Jacques Tati (1908), Bruce Catton (1899), and Aimee Semple McPherson (1890).

Besides being Leif Ericson Day, today is also National Coming Out Day in the U.S., Independence of Guyaquil Day in Ecuador, and Independence Day in Uganda. Leif Erikson Day is celebrated today in Iceland.

2002, The Moron's Almanac™

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