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Sep. 24 - On this date in 1896, a young Minnesota woman gave birth to a depressive young alcoholic named Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. The boy did badly in school and went to train for war in 1918. While training at Camp Sheridan in Alabama, he fell in love with Zelda Sayre, the mentally unstable daughter of an Alabama Supreme Court judge. The war ended before Fitzgerald could be sent overseas and shot, however, so he went to New York to become rich and famous.

He became neither, so Zelda broke off their engagement.

Fitzgerald then moved to Minnesota. A year later he became a famous writer. He moved to Connecticut, Zelda married him, and they became drunken celebrity wrecks.

They spent a lot of time in Europe. This lasted until Zelda went mad and Fitzgerald died.

Fitzgerald is best remembered for having said the rich were different, even though Hemingway made fun of him. Also, he wrote several books.

Other folks born on this date include a prematurely dead trifecta of Phil Hartman (1948), Linda McCartney (1941), and Jim Henson (1936), as well as Anthony Newley (1931), Sheila MacRae (1924), and Jim McKay (1921).

It's Heritage Day in South Africa and Republic Day in Trinidad and Tobago, but it's Bag Your Own Groceries Day in Lillislip, Minnesota, so you'll want to avoid grocery shopping in the North Star State.

2002, The Moron's Almanac™

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