The Moron's Weekend Briefing

Sep. 20 - September 22 is the first day of autumn. By happy coincidence it is also the first day of fall.

Many people are disturbed by the changes they see around them at about this time each year. It gets darker earlier, temperatures drop, leaves change color and die, and the Red Sox drop out of playoff contention.

There have been myths about the changing of the seasons as long as there have been children to lie to. Some primitive peoples believed that leaves changed color because Nature was pining for her abducted daughter; others blamed it on the seasonal absence of sunlight-fed chlorophyll allowing xanthophyll, carotene, and antocyanin to determine leaf color. We may never know the truth.

The first day of autumn is sometimes also referred to as the "Autumnal Equinox." Do not be alarmed by the title. It's just fall. We can get through this thing.

Those born on September 20 include Sophia Loren (1934), Dr. Joyce Brothers (1928), Arnold "Red" Auerbach" (1917), Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton (1890), and Upton Sinclair (1878).

September 21 birthdays include Ricki Lake (1968), Rob Morrow (1962), Bill Murray (1950), Stephen King (1947), Larry Hagman (1931), and H.G. Wells (1866).

September 22 birthdays include Scott Baio (1961), Joan Jett (1960), Nick Cave (1957), Debby Boone (1956), and Tommy Lasorda (1927).

September 21 is Independence Day in Armenia and Belize and "International Day of Peace" at the United Nations. September 22 isn't just the first day of fall: it's also Independence Day in Mali and Princess Martha Louise Day in Norway.

Enjoy the weekend.

2002, The Moron's Almanac™

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