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Jul. 30 - It's Emily Brontė's birthday.

The Brontės were three hideous sisters who dwelt in a cave and had to share a single eyeball between them. They were eventually outwitted and slain by wily Odysseus. (Unless that was the Gorgons, in which case the Brontės were three Englishwomen who wrote poetry and novels in the middle nineteenth century.)

Women were not allowed to write books at the time because novels were still being written in the formal style, and it was feared that women would corrupt that classic form with their penchant for multiple climaxes. The Brontės therefore wrote under the pseudonyms Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell. Charlotte got to be Currer and this made the other girls jealous: Currer was the handsome and swarthy sailor, while Ellis was the stuttering librarian and Acton was the simpleminded shepherd.

As authors, the Brontės were heavily influenced by the Romantics ("That's What I Like About You"), but most scholars contend that Emily's Wuthering Heights owes more to the meteorologists.

She is perhaps best known for her invention of Heathcliff, most recently popularized by American cartoonist Jim Davis.

The following men were also born today: Lisa Kudrow (1963), Arnold Schwarzenegger (1947), Paul Anka (1941), Peter Bogdanovich (1939), Casey Stengel (1891), and Henry Ford (1863).

It's Independence Day in Vanuatu.

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