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Jun. 18 - One of the most decisive battles in the history of Europe was fought in Belgium on this day in 1815, as a resurgent Napoleon Bonaparte launched his last military offensive against the Duke of Wellington and the Prussian Marshal Blücher. Nearly 50,000 men were killed in the battle.

The battle was commemorated by Swedish sensation Abba in their 1970s hit, "Waterloo." Abba's interpretation of Waterloo's significance has been controversial from the start, as it tended to focus less on the military and political implications of the battle than on the feelings of euphoria typically incited by hormonal rushes of erotic excitement.

On June 18, 1817, Waterloo Bridge was opened over the River Thames in London, probably in anticipation of the great Abba hit.

It's the birthday of Carol Kane, Isabella Rossellini, Roger Ebert, Paul McCartney, and Jeanette MacDonald.

It's Evacuation Day in Egypt. Get those bowels moving!

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