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Jun. 11 - This is an important day for American football fans, and will someday become a national holiday: Vince Lombardi and Joe Montana were both born on this day (separately).

Mr Lombardi played at Fordham University and was a Latin and chemistry teacher in New Jersey before becoming the head coach of the Green Bay Packers at the age of 46.

They had won only one of twelve games the year before he was hired; they won seven his first year. Over the course of his brief career, the Packers won five NFL championships and the first two Super Bowls (Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II, respectively).

It was Coach Lombardi's background in Latin that persuaded the NFL to use Roman numerals to number the Super Bowls.

"Winning isn't everything," Coach Lombardi famously declared, "but it's pretty darn important just the same." (He was the first NFL coach to hire a publicist and his statements were often edited for distribution to the Green Bay press corps.)

Over the course of his career, Joe Montana completed 3409 of 5391 passes and threw 273 touchdowns. In the playoffs, he completed 460 of 734 passes and threw 45 touchdowns. As a starter, he won 117 and lost 47 regular season games.

Upon his retirement, the town of Ismay, Montana, changed its name to Joe. The town of Joe, Rhode Island, attempted to change the name of its state to Montana, but was prohibited from doing so by heavily-monied special interests.

Adrienne Barbeau was also born on this day, along with Gene Wilder and Jacques Cousteau, none of whom ever won a Super Bowl.

It's King Kamehameha I Day in Hawaii. Kamehameha is Hawaiian for "Thrower of tight spiral."

2002, The Moron's Almanac™

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